• Estimated Cost Report for feasibility studies preinvestment period.
  • Design Brief.
  • Preperation for Design Office and Contractor requests for offers.
  • Identification of Cost Targets and Cost Models.


  • Preliminary Cost estimate of concept design and cost advise.
  • Cost Plan and revisions of different levels of design / Early identification of high-cost elements.
  • Draft Construction Specifications for Architectural and Civil Works.
  • Draft Bill of Quantities (BOQ).
  • Independent Constructability Reviews.


  • Evaluation of Tender Files and Assistance for a Competitive Tender Price.


INNOCENT - Innovation Center for Design & Technology was established in 2001 at Technocity, within the Middle-East Technical University's campus (METU). INNOCENT's main activity is to conduct research on Construction Technologies and to develop solutions against the commonly encountered waste of resources problems within the industry, which it had the opportunity to implement and test within its sister company PRO^GE. Today, INNOCENT offers theses services to all of the actors within the industry.


Estimated Cost Report for Feasibility Studies Preinvestment Period

Estimated Cost Reports are prepared for investors regarding their feasibility studies to be base for their main investment decisions.

Such study comprises the construction cost analysis of both superstructure and substructure according to market conditions, taking into consideration the physical characteristics of the project, as well as the needs of the client. Cost items are determined upon evaluation of conditions of the project site, and the client requests that constitute the project.

Design Brief

This report targets to provide a healthy and quick correspondence between the investor and the designer. Within this context, client requests and information regarding site conditions that will have influence on concept design studies are conveyed to the designer in a certain format.

Such study that will provide a common base for Investor / Designer relations, will also be helpful for configuration of contract conditions regarding further design activities to follow the concept design stage like design development stage and the preparation of working drawings.

Preperation for Design Office and Contractor Requests for Offers

Preparation of Design & Construction Contract contents, Specifications for the Requests for Proposals, and the necessary forms and addendums to the actual RFPs, directly addressing the needs of the Investors.

Identification of Cost Targets and Cost Models

Evaluation of estimated project cost items regarding the buildings under a project - specific cost model, also providing their follow-up during the life cycle of the project.

Preliminary Cost Estimate of Concept Design and Cost Advise

Monetary size of the concept design developed by the architectural design office is achieved through “Preliminary Cost Estimation”.

Cost Plan and Revisions for Different Levels of Design / Early Identification of High-Cost Elements

Detailed cost plan prepared so as to be used during design works for achieving relevant cost estimations, being revised paralel to design works.

Construction Specifications for Architectural and Civil Works

INNOCENT targets to contribute to preparation of “Technical Specifications” as part of design works. Within this context, list of technical specification titles regarding the items indicated in the design studies is prepared and submitted to the approval of the designer.

Draft specifications are prepared according to the list, to be approved by the designer, subject to revisions requested by the designer.

Bill of Quantities (BOQ)

INNOCENT’in bu hizmeti ile tasarım hizmetlerinin ayrılmaz bir parçası olan “Proje Keşfi” hazırlanmasıdır. Bu çerçevede onaylanmış “Maliyet Planı” esaslarına ve uluslararası pratiğe uygun keşif cetveli yapısı oluşturularak tasarımcının onayına sunulacaktır.

Independent Constructability Reviews

This service provided by INNOCENT comprises the review as an independent body, of tender files already prepared for a project by third parties, evaluating as of constructability.

Within this context, contents of the tender file like construction contract, drawings and specifications are reviewed and evaluated. Nonconformities, contradictions and recommendations are submitted in the form of a report.

Evaluation of Tender Files and Assistance for a Competitive Tender Price

Such consultancy service aiming to contribute to contractors’ bidding (and/or alternative bidding) activities comprise the use of models and updated data developed by INNOCENT regarding;

  • Contractual Issues,
  • Programming,
  • Cost,
  • Purchasing, and
  • Risks.


INNOCENT and PRO^GE Cooperation

Both INNOCENT and PRO^GE are at your service for all your construction project needs. Thanks to many years of methodologic approach of INNOCENT and the experience of PRO^GE's team in managing and realising projects, we are both ready as a "duo". Don't hesitate to reach out to evaluate your current needs and the potential for cooperation.

INNOCENT and RLB Cooperation

Rider Levett Bucknall is an independent, global property and construction practice with over 3,600 people in more than 120 offices across Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Oceania. The firm is committed to delivering high quality outcomes through advice focused on the cost, quality and sustainability of the built environment. INNOCENT cooperates with RLB through Pro^GE, a close partner of RLB for many years as the Turkish member of RLB’s European partnership network “EuroAlliance”.

INNOCENT and ICMPA Cooperation

Switzerland based ICPMA is a unique worldwide organisation that spreads best practice in construction and project management throughout its membership. Set up in 2003, it is a modern and dynamic forum, providing opportunities to network with other professionals and academics and to engage in new business and research on a global basis. Because Istanbul was the European Capital of Culture in 2010, ICPMA 2010 was held in the city that connects Europe and Asia, with expert speakers from Turkey and beyond. PRO^GE and INNOCENT’s founding partner and member of the board, Selçuk Alten, is a board member at ICPMA as well.


A few examples of INNOCENT's research works.


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